About me

My name is Abdibasid Ali Mohamed. I am specializing in human behavior at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

When I discovered how beautifully we as humans are created and our potential, I promised myself that I will dedicate my life to serving humanity in becoming aware of how unique and amazing each one of us is.

For many years I have worked to raise awareness on the importance of mental health nationally and internationally. My experience extends from working to prevent juvenile crime and with family counseling. I also have long experience as integration adviser for newly arrived refugees to Norway.

What drives me most in my profession empowering my clients and to witness their personal evolution.

As a psychotherapist, I tailor various therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, and NLP. I have a holistic approach to my therapy.

Said about me

André: The course/seminar has been inspiring and contributed to many new reflections about me and myself. It has given me a greater and deeper insight into how to get better with oneself and others.

Selam: Through the course with Abdibasid, I have gained the knowledge to go inward, and listen to my thoughts and feelings without judging them. The course gave me many aha experiences, which strengthened my ability to live a life free of my self-imposed limitations in several areas.

Marco Elsafadi, head of Unify: I have collaborated with Abdibasid for almost 20 years and all his work is characterized by thoroughness and good professional weight as a therapist in interaction with children and young people, and as well as a family therapist in dialogue with adults. That's why Abdibasid is still my first choice when I need his professional services.

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